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Jamestown Settlement

At Jamestown Settlement learn about English, Powhatan, and African cultures of the 17th-century colony.

At Yorktown Victory Center explore aspects of the American Revolution,  America and the development of the new nation.

Introduction to daily life in the colony with hands-on demonstrations including open-hearth cooking and 17th-century weaponry.

Living With the Indians— Corn grinding, hide scraping, and cordage making are some of the activities students may try as they explore the culture of the Powhatan Indians in the re-created Indian village. Grades pre-K through 6.

Cultures in Contact— Through role playing, examining period illustrations, and analyzing reproductions of English, Powhatan and African material culture, students compare and contrast the cultures that came into contact at Jamestown. Grades 3 through 12.

Voyage to Virginia— Students explore reproduction tools, navigational instruments, and personal belongings aboard a re-creation of a 17th-century vessel as they learn about the voyage to the New World. Grades 5 through 12. Lesson plans.



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