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Colonial Williamsburg Highlights

About 500 restored and reconstructed buildings are  inside the restored area. Citizens wearing the fashions of the day walk about.  Master trades people still work in the shops.  tavern menus still include 18th-century foods, adapted for 20th-century tastes.

Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum  - Artwork and household objects from the 18th through the 20th centuries.

Anderson Blacksmith Shop - Smiths forge tools, nails, and iron hardware.

Apothecary Shop - The druggist was also a doctor and a surgeon. Be sure to see the leeches.

Chowning's Tavern - An alehouse serving food and drink. Reconstructed 18th-century building

Christiana Campbell's Tavern Seafood -  Sweet potato muffins and spoon bread are still some of the favorites.

Colonial Post Office - Reproduction 18th-century prints and maps. The original 18th-century Williamsburg postmark continues to be used.

Greenhow Store -Willow baskets, fabrics,  wrought iron, tin ware, porcelain,  tools, and other items similar to those sold more than two hundred years ago.

Gunsmith Shop - Smiths make flintlock rifles and pistols.

Harness and Saddle maker - Tradesmen cut and sew leather to make harnesses, saddles, and military items.

King's Arms Tavern - There's Virginia peanut soup and game pie.

Mary Dickenson Store - Trimmed hats, perfumes and jewelry.

 Milliner's Shop - Ladies gowns, and accessories are sewn.

Printer & Bookbinder - See how Virginia colony's first newspaper was made.

Public Gaol - (Jail) Housing for lawbreakers, the gaol keeper, and his family.

Raleigh Tavern - Colonists discussed political events leading to American independence.

Randolph House - Home Speaker of the House of Burgesses Peyton Randolph, his wife Elizabeth, and their family.

Shield's Tavern - There's a Sampler, a taste of 1700s foods

Shoemaker's Shop - Plain and fancy shoes and boots

Silversmith -  Artisans cast sterling silver ingots and hammer them into  tableware.  

Wigmaker - Using horse, goat and human hair, wigmakers make fine wigs


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