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Colonial Williamsburg

Experience life as it was in 18th century Colonial Williamsburg by touring the USA's largest living history museum.  Visitors can stroll through town along the same paths once walked by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, James Madison and others that played leading roles in America's independence.

Visitors to Colonial Williamsburg can walk along Duke of Gloucester Street to historic trade shops and see life as it was 200 years ago.  The blacksmith, shoemaker, gunsmith, printer, cabinetmaker, and wigmaker work and dress as they did in colonial times.

Colonial Williamsburg is an eighteenth-century community restored to the time when it was the center of Britain's largest colony in the New world. 

Jamestown, Va. - On May 13, 1607, 104 English men and boys landed  in Jamestown to settle in the wilderness.  Visitors today can see exhibits and take tours guide them back to Jamestown's beginnings. Talk with archaeologists who continue to dig and search for more clues about the settlement. At the glasshouse,  costumed craftsmen demonstrate the art of glassblowing as it was done in the early 1600's.

Jamestown Settlement America's first permanent English colony. Displays and a film explain history. Replicas of the settler's ships, re-created colonial fort in a Powhatan Indian village. Costumed interpreters

Yorktown, Virginia - Operated by the National Park Service this is where American independence was won. At the visitor center is a film, museum, book shop and battlefield overlook. Highlights of the battle including numerous earthworks, the site of Washington's Headquarters, Surrender Field and the home to Governor Thomas Nelson, Jr.

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