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Everyone went  to the meeting house on Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon.

Even babies went to church.   They had a special place in meeting house, wooden cribs like cages so they could lie down. They tried not to fall asleep during prayers, sermons. 

If someone fell asleep, they would get a rap on the head from the church watchman. His job to see everyone paid attention.  Sometimes he had a long pole, on one end a squirrel tale to the sleeping. On the other end was a wooden knob for children.

At end of the day, the minister told news of the week. He also announced who had broken laws and had to be punished. 

On Sunday Colonial Williamsburg families often ate baked beans. The beans went in the pot on Saturday night. She would put molasses and a piece of salt pork, along with the beans into a pot called a bake kettle. The beans were let in the fireplace all night. In the morning they were ready to eat.

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