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Laws in the 13 colonies were different. Here are a few of them.

There were laws that said people could not get drunk or use bad words.  Bakers could not bake bad bread.  Brewers could not brew bad beer.  Every man had to work on the town roads a few days each month. 

Winter sledding was against the law
Then, in summer, some towns made swimming was against the law. They thought it was a waste of time. Ministers said dancing was a sin. But people danced anyway. In large towns, dancing teachers gave lessons to children. 

One Dog LimitThe town of Boston had a law about dogs.  If a man was too poor to feed a dog, he could not own one. A rich man could only have one dog. A poor mans clothes could not be as fancy as those of a rich man.

IT'S SUNDAY, DO NOT MAKE YOUR BED.  Everyone had to go to meeting house. On Lords Day you could not laugh or play games. You could not make your bed. A man could not shave or cut his hair on Sunday.

Men of the town voted for the laws at a town meeting. But not everyone vote in colonial days.    A man could only vote if he was member of the church and owned land. Women could not work outside of the home and could not vote.

Punishments for breaking law were harsh.  Hanging was common.  Some people who even stole a silver spoon were hanged.  If people were sent to the stocks, they had to wear a sign saying what their crime was.  People who passed by made fun at the prisoners.

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