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Even though children worked  hard, they still had time to play. They played games such as tag and blindman's bluff. Their songs  included  "Here We Go Around the Mulberry Bush" and "London Bridge is Falling Down."

Some of the toys they liked to play with were drums, marbles, hoops, popguns, tops  and kites.  Dolls were made of rags and cornhusks for playing. Fancier wooden dolls were displayed and not usually meant for play. Their leather balls were stuffed with feathers. 

One popular outdoor game was rolling a hoop. As they spun their hoops across the ground, the children would race each other from one point to another. It may sound like an easy game, but the hoop was not easy to roll.

They also played nine pins, which is similar to bowling. Nine pins would be placed three in a row on the lawn and the object was to knock down all nine pins with a ball. Lawns are bumpy, and that made the game tricky.

If the weather was bad, children often played with simple wooden toys like spinning tops and whirligigs, read, and embroider samplers.   Using tiny stitches, girls stitched samplers and created birds and letters. They made up mottos for their samplers.

 They climbed trees and skated on icy ponds.  Instead of metal, their ice skates were made with wooden runners.


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