Glossary S to Y

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Scythe - Implement used for mowing and reaping, consisting of a long curved blade fixed at an angle to a long bent handle.

Seedlip - A basket in which seed is carried in the process of sowing by hand.

Sickle - An tool with a curved or crescent-shaped blade mounted on a short handle, used for cutting tall grass, grains, etc.

Stilliards - A balance for weighing that consists of a beam, a weight sliding on a graduated scale, and hooks to hold the thing being weighed.

Tallow - A mixture of animal fat for use in candles.

Tankard - One-handled covered drinking vessel with either dome-shaped or flat lid.

Tow - Coarse fiber of flax, hemp or jute.

Trencher - A wooden plate used at the table.

Trivet - Three legged stand to hold pots of food over the coals, on the hearth and at the table.

Wimble - A boring tool, such as a gimlet or auger.

Wool Comb - Toothed instrument used in carding wool by hand.

Yeoman - Freedholder, farmer, small land owner.

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