Glossary K through R

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Kneeding Trough (Dough Tray) - A wooden trough or tub in which to knead bread.

Lathe - A lathe is a machine which holds a piece of wood or metal between two centers and turns it so the work can be shaped by hand-held "turning chisels."

Linsey-Woolsey - A coarse cloth of linen and wool or cotton and wool threads.

Mason - One who builds or works with stone or brick.

Maul - A large hammer or mallet.

Manumit - To liberate from slavery.

Nankeen - a kind of cotton cloth, originally made at Naking from a yellow variety of cotton, but now from ordinary cotton died yellow.

Noggin - a small mug or cup.

Ordinary - A complete meal provided or a tavern or an inn providing such a meal.

Peel - Tool resembling a long-handled spade. It is used to take loaves out of the oven.

Perch - A measure of distance equal to 5 1/2 years.

Peruke - A wig, especially one worn by men in the 17th and 18th centuries. Also called a periwig.

Pewter - Composed of tin and small amounts of other metals - lead, copper, bismuth or zinc. From 1725 to 1825 pewter was the most widely used metal in America.

Pillory - A wooden framework on a post, with holes for the head and hands, in which offenders were formerly locked to be exposed to public scorn as punishment.

Pincers -Tool with two handles and a pair of jaws working on a pivot used for holding objects or unfastening.

Pipkin - A small cooking pot or earthenware.

Porringer - A small dish for porridge, broth or other similar foods. Usually has one handle.

Reamer - A finishing tool with rotating cutting edge for enlarging or tapering a hole.

Riddle - A coarse sieve used for separating chaff from corn, sand from gravel, ashes from cinders.

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