Glossary A through C

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Adz, adze - Sharp-edged wood-cutting tool. Logs and beams were shaped with the adze.

Apprenticed: to be bound to serve a skilled worker for a given period in order to learn his/her skill

Auger - A tool for boring holes in wood. Has a long pointed shank with a cutting edge and a screw point and a handle fixed with right angles to the top of the shank.

Awl - hand tool for making small holes in wood or leather.

Basin - Bowl-shaped container that was used to hold pudding, stew, and other foods.

Bellows - An instrument with an air chamber and flexible sides, for drawing in air and expelling it under strong pressure used for blowing fires.

Caddis - Woolen yarn or fabric made of it in tape form for binding.

Card - Implement for raising nap on cloth, essentially an iron instrument with teeth. A similar instrument used to part, comb out and set in order fibers of wool and hemp.

Chafing dish - A vessel to hold burning fuel, for heating anything placed upon it.

Chaff - Grain husks.

Chaff Bed - A mattress stuffed with grain husks.

Chaise - One horse luxury vehicle used in America from about 1700 through the Civil War.

Chattels - Any property except real estate.

Cobbler - One who mends or makes boots and shoes.

colonists: people who lived in the colonies

Coulter - The iron blade fixed in front of the share in a plough which cuts the soil

Cricket - A low footstool.

Crupper - Leather strap fastened to the saddle and passed under the horse’s tail to keep the saddle from moving forward.

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