Glossary: D through H

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Damask - A rich silk fabric woven with elaborate design patterns.

Drawing knife - A knife with a handle at each end used for shaving over a surface with a drawing motion.

Drugget - Coarse  fabric, all wool or half wool, half silk or linen,. Used as dress material.

Earthenware - Dishes post and the like made of a coarse grade of baked clay, porous clay.

Flagon - A vessel with a handle, spout and often hinged lid used to serve liquids.

Flail - Universal tool for threshing. Used to separate the grain or seed from the plant stalk

Flock Bed - A mattress stuffed with wool or cotton, consisting of coarse tufts.

Gimblet - A small auger turned  BY one hand that makes a round hole in wood.

Green - A grassy area located usually at the center of a city or town and set aside for common use; a common AREA

Hatchel, hackle, heckle - A comb with long metal teeth for cleansing raw flax or hemp. Flax strawis pulled through the iron teeth to separate fibers.

Hogshead - A liquid measure, 63 gallons; a large cask or barrel.


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